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Guide Introduction

Diving School

Are you stuck in South Lake? Do the sharks keep beating you? If this is the case, read this guide and you will know how to go back and beat the sharks!

Guide Written By Unknown Author

Diving School
Note: Although some maps are very difficult to pass in South Lake, all the maps have a way to go through them. So, if you are stuck on one specific way, keep trying because there is a way to pass that map!

Grey Sharks
These sharks are not as smart as the blue shark and tend to be copycats...These sharks also tend to follow you wherever you go so take that to your advantage. Easiest way to defeat these sharks is to block them in the "U" shaped rocks.
Blue Sharks
These sharks are a little smarter when compared with the Grey Sharks and will not copy every move you make. However, these sharks are very easy to beat, just like with the grey ones. So, don't think that these sharks are too smart for you :p
These are whirlpools. Sharks can swim through them but you, as a diver, can not. You will begin at the beginning of that specific map if you go through a whirlpool. On the positive side however, seeing whirlpools means that you are very close to the Night Stone.
Diving School Tips By Raratrina
1)The lake is called "South" for a reason...Enough said.
2)The dark blue sharks mean that you are getting closer to the treasure.
3)There are only about 5 possible paths, so don't worry too much about how hard it'll be. You'll psych yourself out.
4)Try moving one way, then going back again and try to lock the shark in again...The spacing might be differ- ent. There are usually multiple ways to keep the shark at bay.
5)Just remember that it can take anywhere from thirty minutes to thirty days, or one year. It took me forty minutes...I just decided to try it, and I got it:)