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Guide Introduction

Ticket Booth

The Ticket Booth, located in East New Barkston, offers different games that can be played with certain cards. Rewards range anywhere from around 100 powerbucks to 250,000 powerbucks...For some games, you even get a nice shiny trophy added to your profile if you win. So, do you want to know more about this Ticket Booth? If thats the case, then read on!

Guide Written By Astro + Ancalagon

Ticket Booth
Luck of the Draw Card
The Luck of the Draw card is very much like a regular lottery. You can either get the cards from Padam, random events, buy them from user shops, or from the Pawn Shop in Xiang. After that, you need to get all your cards and go to the Ticket Booth to submit them. Each card will have a specific number. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, five numbers will be picked and if your number was picked, you will get a trophy on your profile as well as 100,000 powerbucks!
Power Picks Card
To play this game, you need to have a Power Picks Card on hand. After you get this card, you will need to go to the Ticket Booth and click on its picture. This game is easy enough:
There are four rows. Each row has five pet pictures. You may only pick one picture from each row. After that, you submit your card and it is compared with the "power picks" and your picks. Your reward depends on the number of matches you got. Here's the paytable:
Break and Win Big Card
Its a really simple game and requires you to almost do nothing...All you have to do is to acquire/get the card then go to the Ticket Booth and click on the card. You will then "break" the card. There are three slots on the card, and your reward depends on which images you get. Here's the paytable:
Scratch 4 Power Card
This game is called Scratch Four Power Card. In this game, you have 16 slots and you scratch only 12...Here's the info from powerpets:
Scratch 12 spots match 4 symbols to win!
If you scratch 2 or 3 matching sets of 4, only the highest set is paid out.
If you scratch more than 4 matching symbols, nothing happens, this will only be a gloating bonus.
Scratch 4 Power Card
This game is called Chubbs Tac Toe Card. In this game, you have 9 slots and you can scratch only 5...Here's the info from powerpets:

Scratch off FIVE boxes. If you get three matching icons IN A ROW, you have a chubbs tac toe card and you win the prize!

You can be paid between 2,500 and 10,000pb. The box on the card will show the amount which is winnable.